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Chapter 1:

The Romantic Egotist

Amory Blaine inherited every trait from his mom Beatrice.
Didn’t really have a father that was there for him and so he traveled around the world with his mom. Amory was born in 1896. Fourth to his 10 years old he traveled with his mom around the country.
Between 10-11 he was well educated for a fine taste in music because of his upbringing from his mom. Felt he was sophisticated and quite charming and she knew he was delicate.
The Blaine’s were constantly on the go and knew people around the world.
Amory now 13 rather tall and slender and on to his Celtic mother.
Amory ruptured his spleen on his way to Italy, his appendic had burst and they returned back to America.
Beatirce was sick and Amory went to Minneapolis to spend time with his autn and uncle for two years.
Felt particularly superior he felt to himself to be in front of the other guys at school and this may have been due to his upbringing with his mom.
He excelled at items he wasn’t good at such as athletics so you could show his power and earn popularity at school.
A key place was the cozy fire was burning before a big sink-down couch which would eventually be a great stage for Amory a cradle for many an emotional crisis. Where he kissed Myra for the first kiss which ended up turning disastrous. Amory felt disgust and felt conscious of the feels and I don’t think he was prepared for the feelings that were with a first kiss.

Snapshots of the Young Egotist

Egotisit – “a person who is excessively conceited or self-absorbed; self-seeker”

Amory is developing and his curiousity is opening up. Educating himself and became fond of frog parker. School ruined his French and was a lady man. Wanted to a football player or the general everyone wanted to be.

Code of the young egotist

Formulated his first philosophy. A code to live by....

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