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Week2 Dicsussion

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I found the first section of chapter 2: “healthcare triangle: cost, quality, and access” very interesting to me because it affects not only me but also many others that includes the economy of our healthcare system and the economy of our country as a whole. To every nation having a healthcare system that operates efficiently for all patients has proven to be a challenge to all our healthcare leaders and researchers to manage. The complexity and challenges in healthcare delivery are many. To give you a sense of this, consider our delivery system, we nearly spend about 3.3 trillion, which is about 20 percent of our (GDP), and we are still failing to control cost, provide quality health, and give access to all our citizens(Glandon, Slovensky, & Smaltz, 2013). According to our reading for this week, health care spending increases faster than the GDP and grows faster than the GDP.
The concern with quality of care in our healthcare system has to with us not doing much about it, for example (Glandon, Slovensky, & Smaltz, 2013)suggest that in order to get better outcomes it requires identifying a methodology and training people to monitor, assess and improve quality of care. On top of the challenges facing our healthcare system, access to health care continues to be huge problem for us in this country. This issue can be address in many ways, the constructions of healthcare facilities in rural parts of the country would alleviate crowding which can present an access barrier, and other access barriers are lack of insurance, fear of public programs, literacy and cultural competency and transportation(Glandon, Slovensky, & Smaltz, 2013). However, to succeed on all of these challenges mentioned, HIT would need to play central role in helping with improving efficiency and effectiveness in quality care, cost, and access. While it cannot solve the problems alone, it can...

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