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Week2 Summarry Debate

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Debate Topic Summary – Should Teachers Be Allowed to Carry Firearm in Schools?

Should Teachers Be Allowed to Carry Firearm in School?

Choosing a topic for Team C debate summary encompass an extensive amount of communication. It started with team members presenting several topics of interest in the forum. From same sex marriage, cable television, disrespect to president of the United States, juvenile accountability of crime after age 18, raising legal age to purchase alcohol, outlaw abortion, and teachers carrying firearm in school. The team narrowed it down to two topics. The team members discussed via teleconference which topic would be most favorable to write about then selected one. Each member shared why she agreed with the chosen topic “Should teachers be allowed to carry firearm in school?” to debate.
Why the need? Why do teachers feel the need to carry a firearm to work? Are we letting the students know that there is a fear in the teachers? Many people think that it is ok to bring the firearm to the school. Personally, it will hurt more than it will help. Students will fill more superior over the teacher, because they will think that teachers are scared. If teachers cared more about the students education and demanded respect the students will respect the teacher more and do the work that needs to be done. Students would be aware that the teacher cared for them as an individual. What message is being sent? What message are mentors, coaches, and educators delivering to students? Is it that they are not concern about the life of another human being? This policy communicate that it’s ok for students to have a gun because the teacher got one so let’s play war. The topic of carry firearm in school has become a major focus among educators and society. The "Advancing The Debate: Should Teachers Carry Guns?" (2013) website indicate...

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