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Organizational Profile
Learning Team A
ETH/316: Ethics and Social Responsibility

Organizational Profile
Organizations have different purposes and mission statements from one another. They can range in their functions towards a community. For example one organization can be formed to bring awareness of injured soldiers. Another example of an organization is that they can provide meals to the elderly. Organizations take a responsibility and involvement in a community. A community can influence individuals to form an organization. An organization should always have room for improvement. No individual is perfect and this also can be implied for this topic. Organizations will always have tiny flaws that would need to be either worked on or addressed.
Similarities and Differences between the Organizations
Often community organizations will differ from one another but still tackle the same issue – serving the community to improve it. Many ways are available to go about achieving these improvements, but ultimately each organization’s responsibility is to somehow give back to the community, whether focused on individuals or the community at large. One example is the Meals on Wheels program.
Meals on Wheels are a national organization that targets individuals in need such as the elderly who have problems keeping themselves well fed. Even though this program targets the older population, citizens have a potential for some day making use of it themselves. Even if he or she is not directly receiving the benefits from this program, a family member may be receiving aid.
Similarly, Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated (CCBCC) serves the community in several ways. CCBCC has proudly been an active part of the communities they serve since its beginnings in 1902. CCBCC strives to reach out to those in need through philanthropic and service-oriented programs. They...

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