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Weekly Business Digest
Week ending July 5, 2009

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Indian Stocks Advance, Driving Sensex Higher for a Second Week India’s stocks rose, driving the benchmark index higher for a second week, led by Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (L&T), after the government pledged investment in the nation’s railways and left freight and passenger fares unchanged. L&T, the largest engineering company, added 2.6%. Tata Steel Ltd., the biggest producer of the metal, increased 4.2% on speculation it will avoid higher costs to transport raw materials after the government announced the railway budget. on June 15, the Bombay High Court had ordered RIL to sell the gas for 44% less than the government-set price.

Indian business in declined 20%: FICCI



ABG Plans to Raise $150 Million to Fund Expansion ABG Shipyard Ltd., bidding for control of Great Offshore Ltd., plans to raise $150 million to fund expansion, reviving a proposal from April last year. ABG, which originally sought to raise $200 million, will seek shareholder approval for the new plan on July 7, Chief Financial Officer Dhananjay Datar said in an interview in Mumbai, where the company is based.

Indian companies with interest in the Gulf have witnessed their business in the region decline by 20%. According to Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), strict visa rules in many countries in the Middle East are obstructing easy flow of manpower for project execution.…...

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