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( April 16th 2012-April 22nd 2012)

Submitted To : Prof. Saji George
Submitted By :- Neetha Kurian Roll No.176 MBA-A

SUMMER INTERNSHIP AT SIB, BANGALORE DAILY ACTIVITY REPORT Sl No. | Date | Activity Description | 1 | 09.04.2012, Monday | * Reported to SIB, Regional Office. * Topic for Problem centric Study * Discussion with Saji sir regarding the topic and how to go about it * Instructed to Change the topic by Saji Sir | 2 | 10.04.2012, Tuesday | * Data collection for Organization study | 3 | 11.04.2012,Wednesday | * Reported to SIB, Regional Office. * Discussion with Mr. Nirmal Staff of SIB, about the value added service-SIB M-Pay, as per the instruction of the guide. * Was detailed about the new Value added Service- SIB –M-Pay * The new service SIB M-Pay, has been recommended by them for the purpose of the problem centric study * Suggested to me that customer perception and awareness would be a good topic | 4 | 12.04.2012, Thursday | * Data collection for organization Study | 5 | 13.04.2012,Friday | * Reported to SIB, regional Office. * Review with guide Ms. Suguna about SIM M-Pay * Topic Finalization “a study on the perception and awareness of customers with respect to SIB M-Pay service of South Indian Bank Ltd” * Sample size, target audience selection. * Region wise Listing of Customers of SIB M-Pay provided by Mr.Nirmal * Problem statement Finalization | 6 | 14.04.2012, Saturday | * Data collection for Organizational Study. * Detailed study of Research Methodology procedures and methods. | 7 | 15.04.2012, Sunday | * Reports Preparation * Final topic Approved by Saji Sir and was given instructions by him on how to start off with the drafting of the questionnaire | Task ahead...

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