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Team Leadership Memo and Presentation University of Phoenix Erin Thompson MGT/521 Christopher Nieto July 22, 2015

Team Leadership Memo Recently the company that I work for has decided to insert a brand new department to help the company’s strategic plan to enter a particular market. My current manager has informed me that I will be leading a team in the new department that has already been assembled consisting of Miriam, Patty, Amanda and Natalio. For our team to be successful, we have to accomplish efficiently the goals set by the company. I have developed a strategy on how to lead our team based on our diverse group of women. I believe with our wide variety and different personality traits that we will be very successful in our future team goals. I have evaluated each team member’s personalities along with my own to see what is going to benefit the department and how to put my particular strategy together.
First, in determining what leadership approach I wanted to take I needed to first evaluate the team members including myself. For those individuals of the group that do not know much about my personality. I am proactive and resilient. Not only am I able to take challenges and overcome them, but also I am able to identify them as opportunities, take charge, and keep moving until things change. I am a social person and easy to get along with at the same time I am good about organization. I like to have my work and deadlines organized down to the minute.
There are two particular traits that the team seems to share and they are ones that we need to work on to benefit the group. The first trait we share is that we are all introverted. We are for the most part shy and quiet but all ready to speak and talk when needed. We all need to...

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