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Ethics Memo

Nathan Singleteary


July 2, 2015
Joseph Gorman


IT Ethics - ISIS Threats Recently in US news a federal joint task force was responsible for stopping an assumed ISIS

threat that called for the beheading of police officials. The joint task force had Usaama Rahim

and a few other radicals under surveillance for a couple of years through telephone conversations

and social media. It was reported that the task force had deciphered a conversation where

Usaama had contemplated beheading police with a few other individuals. ("Us News", 2015)

Information technology played a significant role in stopping this particular threat because it allowed officials a means of fighting terrorists plots. The world of today is far more advanced in technology than any other era of the past. Information technology has enabled a global way of communication where a lot of ideas, processes, and for some a way of living life in this computer age. When it comes to ethics and information technology there is the debate of how much information should be private or federally governed. In this debate a few concerns are rights and responsibilities and the way information is used. Some people feel that the federal government is invading privacy rights when doing such surveillance as mentioned above. On the other hand some people feel like it's necessary to fight the war on terrorism. As in the report above this surveillance uncovered a ruthless plot to physically hurt or kill individuals. The table below shows some other concerns between It and Ethics. FIG.1 FIG.1
|Social |Individual |
|Policy |Professional...

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