Welfare Reform and Impact on Single Mothers

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ABSTRACT: The term welfare brings a lot of controversy, for some, it implies that its recipients meaning “poor people” are getting a free ride getting public assistance. For others it is believed to be anti-work, anti-family. Nonetheless, regardless of how one’s felt about welfare, no one can argue that poverty is a social issue that has serious impact on society. Although poverty means different thing to different people, to some, poverty means the some members of society are lazy, not able to take personal responsibility. For others, it means that some members of society are not getting a fair share of the wealth distribution. The point that it remain is viewed as not having enough or lacking enough resource to provide for one’s needs. But many disagree on this definition, because some scholars in the field of sociology agree that poverty transcend money and wealth. Hutchinson (2003) eloquently posits that” poverty influences the ability of parents to adequately meet their children’s basic needs. Understanding human development requires an ecological approach that views the child in a home environment duly placed in a community context, where the family strives to meet their needs and obtain long-term resources” (p.56).

The social problem created by poverty is a much larger than any debate ever address. Its remains an issue of serious social concern, addressing the truthfulness about poverty is crucial to assist in the policy making process. Because ignoring the cause of poverty only obscure the nature, extent, and causes of real material deprivation of those affected. For example, according to a study conducted by the Casrsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire, 2.6 million of America’s children live below poverty level. The cause is believed to be slowing down of the economy and the amount of jobs lost since the recession began in 2008.