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bpAnnual Report and Form 20-F 2010 What’s inside?
5 Business review
6 8 10 12 14 34 40 55 61 63 68 76 78 81 Chairman’s letter Board of directors Group chief executive’s letter Progress in 2010 Group overview Gulf of Mexico oil spill Exploration and Production Refining and Marketing Other businesses and corporate Liquidity and capital resources Corporate responsibility Research and technology Regulation of the group’s business Certain definitions

123 Additional information for shareholders
124 127 127 128 129 130 133 134 135 135 135 137 137 138 138 139 139 139 140 Critical accounting policies Property, plants and equipment Share ownership Major shareholders and related party transactions Dividends Legal proceedings Relationships with suppliers and contractors Share prices and listings Material contracts Exchange controls Taxation Documents on display Purchases of equity securities by the issuer and affiliated purchasers Fees and charges payable by a holder of ADSs Fees and payments made by the Depositary to the issuer Called-up share capital Administration Annual general meeting Exhibits

BP Annual Report and Form 20-F 2010

83 Directors and senior management
84 87 Directors and senior management Directors’ interests

89 Corporate governance
90 105 106 106 107 108 Board performance report Corporate governance practices Code of ethics Controls and procedures Principal accountants’ fees and services Memorandum and Articles of Association

141 Financial statements
142 Consolidated financial statements of the BP group 150 Notes on financial statements 228 Supplementary information on oil and natural gas (unaudited) PC1 Parent company financial statements of BP p.l.c.

111 Directors’ remuneration report
112 Part 1 Summary 114 Part 2 Executive directors’ remuneration 120 Part 3 Non-executive directors’ remuneration


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