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I believe that CEO’s values on mission and vision all depends on the CEO’s lifestyle and what their common interest is based on. Generally, people who work in organizations tend to enjoy it because that’s a passion for them. It is not just work, it is also something they care about. According to the textbook, CEOs tend to stay in organizations that share their interest. They tend to relate more and put more effort in their work in return giving them satisfaction. This also drives them to run an effective organization and employees. Ways that can help to learn the values of Strayer university varies. It could be through the school’s website, or interviewing the president. The one-on-one interview would be best because it gives details on questions asked.

Women are so underrepresented because we are perceived to be the weaker link. People see us as the emotional being and soft and because of that, they feel we are not up to the task to run an organization. 3 reasons we are underrated is because 1. Some women base their judgments from emotions rather than actual facts, hence classifying every other woman to do the same. 2. We are perceived as the weaker link, not physically strong enough to handle man situations. But it is not about the physical strength but about the intellectual ability to do the work. 3. Some men sometimes feel oppressed by the female gender that are in higher positions.

Ways that women can increase their representation on boards is by 1. Voicing out more on their knowledge about what is going on in their surroundings, proving to other staffs that they are aware of what is going on and suggest solutions to be better. 2. Use less of their emotions when making judgments and more of factual evidence. Having an all male or an all female board members wouldn’t be quite successful, in this age, everyone is considered equal. Also, men only can’t...

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