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To many people, being healthy means being physically healthy. This well known dimension, even though not the only one, is very important. I try to keep my physical wellness up by keeping a balanced diet, and exercising regularly. An activity that I have been participating my whole life in is dance. I feel that dance is an activity that produces endurance, flexibility, and strength as the above definition says. Physical wellness also involves getting enough sleep, dealing with stress, and making smart and safe decisions. All of these things are very important in keeping up my physical wellness.

Needham High School is a culture, and in it there are many subcultures. I believe the most distinct and large subculture that exists at Needham High School is sport teams. People associate and are friends with those who participate in the same activities as them. I myself am especially close with the girls I dance with, and I most of the girls I consider my best friends are those who I have been dancing with throughout my life.

Intellectual wellness involves the interest in learning new things, and being open minded on different situations in the world. This includes being updated on current events, the T.V. shows I choose to watch, reading a good amount of books, my enjoyment of playing mind-stimulating games such as different card games and clue, and reading a variety of material. This dimension also emphasizes an importance in seeing both sides to issues, which I think is extremely important and try to always do in my life. One last thing that I believe is important to my intellectual wellness is that I value my education, and feel it is very important in life and for a future carreer.

The intellectual dimension relates well to the locus of control. One can either have an interanal or external…...

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