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In our effort to attract, retain and motivate competent employees while providing for recognition of, and reward for, individual ability and performance, CRST International, Inc. has developed and implemented a competitive compensation and benefits package. A summary of compensation structure, company-paid benefits and elective benefits are listed below.
Compensation Structure
All positions have a designated pay range based on its job grade. All job grades have a wage range that denotes wage minimum, midpoint/market value, and maximum monetary value. Wage ranges are also reviewed from a competitive standpoint by conducting a market analysis of benchmark positions. Non-exempt (hourly) employees are paid weekly while exempt (salaried) employees are paid semi-monthly. Both groups of employees are paid via direct deposit.
It is the policy of CRST International, Inc. to grant annual merit increases on the basis of the evaluation of individual performance. Other salary adjustments may be recommended and approved for the purposes of equity, changes in job classification, promotions, etc.
Company Paid Benefits
Eligibility is dependent on employee status and period of service to the company. Vacation is earned by completing an anniversary year. For the first through seventh years you are entitled to 10 days, eighth through your thirteenth year you will have 15 days, and on your fourteenth year or more you will receive 20 days of vacation.
Personal Time
Hourly paid employees will be allowed three personal business holidays during the employee's anniversary year. These holidays are available to hourly employees following six months of employment and each anniversary.
There are eight paid holidays during the course of one year.
Bereavement Leave and Jury Duty
Should a full-time employee be faced with a death in his/her immediate family or…...

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