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Activity 1 Structure of a Cash Flow Forecast
This is the money that comes into the business from various sources, which would include: * capital from the owners * bank loan or mortgage * cash sales * credit sales : these customers would be classed as debtors as they owe the business money * Rent * Other Income- this could be, for example, a cash inflow from a certain sale or even an asset which could be a machine that no longer needed.
Payments are the money going out of the business for various reasons which might be: * Buying capital equipment * Purchases of stock * Cash purchases * Credit purchases- these suppliers are classed as trade creditors, because they have supplied goods or even a service which is on credit.
Activity 2
The timing of cash inflows and outflows is important within the cashflow because at the end of the year the closing balance was negative but in January it was positive. This means that although the company’s cash flow was good from the start, they would had an overdraft in their bank or was unable to pay one of their expenses which would probably cause the company from operating for the following year. So basically the timescale would be showing how the progression of the business is flowing throughout each month and it would also help the business on improving in their expenditure as in where and how the business money is being spent.
Activity 3
Credit Periods
Credit Periods may have some influences on a business’s cash flow, the business may consider how long it gives customers to pay. If it accepts cash sales only then this might be a concern but it may have to offer credit in order to ensure a sale. The longer the credit period, the slower the income for the business. If a month is given for credit, an income would not be there for until the following month....

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