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Wendy Paterson

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HBS Case Analysis-Wendy Peterson
Case Analysis-Wendy Peterson

Executive Summary Every institution encompasses various stakeholders whose collective efforts determine the success or failure both in the short-run and in the long-run. However, most institution adopts a centralized structure of governance where all decisions are made from the top that often prove redundant or even ineffective. On that note, this paper addresses the success of Wendy Peterson that manifests through her unwavering commitment, industry, desire to achieve greater things despite her tender age in comparison with the superior employees in all institutions that she served. This case reveals that the management should not recruit its personnel based on age or other affiliations since Wendy has proved that age is an insignificant aspect as far as productivity is concerned. Thus, this paper presents a situation analysis of her presentations in the article. Besides, it diagnoses the problem, provides alternative solutions, recommendations, and the implementation step.
Situation Analysis Wendy Peterson holds a degree in economics from Ivy League University in 2000. Upon her graduation, he joined AccountBack where he served as a junior manager as the article portrays. Her rise to prosperity is attributed to her industrious and tireless efforts that are compelled by curiosity to learn and attain superior objectives. These attributes earns Peterson a significant reputation from her colleagues and stakeholders in institutions where she ever served. In real life, individuals especially employees ought to exercise their full potential in their duties to realize their full potential. According to her assertions, it is evident that for one to enhance personal skills and expertise, an individual should embrace flexibility and readiness for change. Precisely, Person unfolds...

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