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Wendy Peterson Case Analysis

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Business Memo
Date: 2/5/2014
Subject: Manager-Employee Issues

I am writing the memo to share some issues I have with one of my employees. Ten moths ago I hired a salesman with Chinese origin to help the company to take over the Chinese businesses in Plano, Texas. I cannot “click on personal level” with him since the very beginning of our relationship which is causing troubles in our communications. Another reason for our communication problem could be the different cultural background we have and our opposite personalities. I believe employees should be able to connect to their leader to become good followers. I think I am extrovert and should be able to get closer to him over time but there are some other issues that I need to address immediately. I have a problem with Wu’s performance inconsistencies his vision of how things should be done, obviously conflicting with my leadership style. He definitely is able to do “as I say” but not willing - he does not keep daily contact, works outside the office more than normal and his various meetings usually conflict with AccountBack activities and meetings. I do not know if this is based on cross cultural differences or situational leadership. I definitely should consider a mismatch of leadership style and development level of my subordinate. I should reconsider my participating approach towards my employees. It definitely worked for our branch and the financial results are proving it but most of the salesmen were new to the company. In case of salesmen with more experience and high readiness to do the work and accomplish results I should lower relationship behavior and delegate more duties. Low level of cooperation that we have causes a competition between us and solving the conflict could come only after compromising with each other, accommodating our expectations and collaborating to achieve our…...

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