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Wendy's or Vapiano

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Wendy’s or Vapiano?
In initial Research:
How companies present quality of their products and services to the public

Prepared by Svitlana Kyazimova

Vienna, 2010

Table of content
1. What are my expectations from the restaurants? 2. Wendy’s valuation 3. Vapiano valuation 4. Personal experience of being a Vapiano customer


A quality is an attribute or a property. Subjectively, something might be good because it is useful, because it is beautiful, or simply because it exists. Determining or finding qualities therefore involves understanding what is useful, what is beautiful and what exists. Commonly, quality can mean degree of excellence, as in, "a quality product" or "work of average quality". The quality of a product or service refers to the perception of the degree to which the product or service meets the customer's expectations. The quality management and quality control should be performed in all the levels. The scheme bellow demonstrates how the quality management functions in the Fast-food restaurants:

In my initial research I would like to investigate two companies from the same business sector which is Entertainment and the industry is Restaurants. My choice fell on fast food Wendy’s from Wendy's/Arby's Group (USA/Canada) and Vapiano International LLC (worldwide).In order to describe my personal attitude and expectations from those restaurants I have chosen definite locations where I had a possibility to be a customer. For Wendy’s it is Branson MO, USA. Location of Vapiano is in Wien, Austria.
Further in a paper I will present the basic information about the companies in common, about how they want be seen by customer, their values and quality approach. I will put myself in position of a quality expert and will judge the restaurants from a customer view accenting on following points: 1. Satisfaction of customer needs 2. Excellence of service 3. Worth of price 4. Reliability of the company 5. Prestige

1. What are my expectations from the restaurants?
Let’s rephrase the regular quality points of customer view of satisfaction on a simple expectation from regular restaurant. What do I want there to be if I will go in? 1. Food and drinks * The menu. What’s in it? Is it healthy? Does it taste good? The size of the portion. Will I go home hungry and angry or full and happy? 2. Perfect service * Are the personnel fast? * Are they cute/polite/friendly? * Do they speak my language? * Can I enjoy the atmosphere of the place? Are the seats are comfortable enough? Do I like the music? * Are the bathrooms clean? Is there a toilet paper or soup? * Do they have Wi-Fi?

3. Reasonable price * How much does the food cost? Is it really worth it? * Do they have discounts for the regular guests? Do they provide the gift cards, vouchers or special promotions? 4. Reliability * How old is the company? * Would I allow my kids to buy food there? * Can I be sure I won’t get a stomach ache after having my meal there 5. Prestige * Who’s sitting at the next table? * What if my boss/friends/girlfriend sees me sitting here? * What would they think of me?
Let’s analyze “Wendy’s” and “Vapiano” in line with the structure given above 2. Wendy’s valuation
Who are they?
Wendy's is one of the largest quick-service restaurant chains that is part of the Wendy's/Arby's Group, Inc., the USA’s third largest quick-service restaurant company, with annual sales of more than $12 billion and over 10,000 restaurants worldwide. Of the more than 6,600 Wendy's locations worldwide, approximately 25% are company-owned and 75% are franchised.
What does Wendy’s believe in?
1. People: At Wendy's people always come first. That includes their customers – and a valued team. It's a legacy they want live every day.
2. Quality: Their founder, Dave Thomas, instilled the belief that "Quality is our Recipe®." We never cut corners and we always deliver on our promise.
3. Action: We work hard, with honesty, integrity and a true sense of respect for one another. And we take time to give something back to the communities we serve.
“Quality is our recipe”, “Treat everyone with respect”, “Do the right thing”, “Profit means growth”, and “Give something back”
Food and drinks
The main dishes in Wendy’s are Hamburgers (beef/chicken), salads, chilies, fried or baked potato. The salads that they offer are very fresh and nutritious great for those who are trying to lose weight. They also offer baked potatoes with different types of fillings along with their homemade chili soup. The Wendy's hamburgers are delicious and you can have it made the way that you like it. They provide you with a single patty or a double meat patty dressed with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. They also include condiments like mustard, ketchup, mayo, etc. All these delicious foods served hot and fresh just so the customer can enjoy a great lunch or dinner. And for desert we may get a Frosty which is always a cool treat with its wide variety of flavors and real ingredients including Grade A fresh milk and rich cream.
Wendy’s proposing a nice variety of combination of the meals, so it is almost impossible to leave the place with empty stomach. They don’t serve alcoholic beverages, only soft drinks, coffee and tee
Perfect service
Let’s say, that the spot I had experience to be in was always busy, hence there was a long lines from open till close. But the times spend in line gives opportunity not only to “learn the menu” but to watch the employee work with each other and the guests. I felt respect between them and eager to help in any way they could. The saying “Customer is always right” feats perfect for Wendy’s.
The atmosphere in restaurant is casual, I could always use Internet while eating.
Reasonable price
A 0.99 cent Bacon-cheeseburger or a small 6.00 dollar salad? Seems to be a big difference. If people are going to Wendy’s they expect to spend from 1 till 10 dollars per person. And when the total price is more than the price is not reasonable. Due to new changes in a company the price for food raised almost on 20%.
But anyways consumers still can get a Caesar or Garden Side salad for $1.29 on the bargain menu or a sour cream and chive potato for $1.29 and a bargain Chicken Nugget for 99 cents and they would have a fast meal for 3 bucks and change.
Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy’s Old fashioned Hamburgers restaurant at 1969.Here the food was served the way the guest want it. Due to success of the company and its international expending I may assume that if they get money for it, then somebody spend them there. Wendy’s feed already 3rd generation of its customers. One of the factors which speaks about a good reputation of the company is in Zagat's 2010 Fast Food Survey, Wendy's ranked highly in nine different categories. Wendy's nabbed the coveted Top Food and Top Overall spots among Mega Chains (more than 5,000 locations) and placed second for Healthy Options, Top Facilities, Top Service, Best Value Menu and Best Salads and in the top five for Best Fries and Best Hamburger.
Wendy’s is a place where we can meet the people of all social classes. Depends of the season or part of a day the range of customers very. * Summer/winter period it is full with tourists (families on vocation) * There are also a lot of businessmen and seniors for a quick lunch meals * At night there are mostly teenagers.
3. Vapiano valuation Vapiano is somewhere between the nicest of fast casual and hippest of casual dining restaurants. It defines the future of fresh casual - a new and refreshing niche in the restaurant industry. An established concept with more than 70 worldwide locations and another 100 in development in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, Vapiano puts a new spin on the dining experience with its urban upscale Italian decor and its modern customer service.
Slogans: “If you love the European lifestyle you will love Vapiano”; “Fresh food and high quality products is a must for Vapiano”
Food and drinks
This serve-yourself Italian chain specializes in pizzas, handmade pastas and hand tossed gourmet salads. Vapiano makes no compromises when it comes to freshness. As pasta is the heart of Vapiano, it’s important that they produce fresh pasta daily (in pasta manifattura) and prepare the dishes right in front of the guests. Everything is produced fresh in house. People can watch the pasta and dolci being produced at Pasta Manifattura. All the sauces, dressings, pesto, pizza dough… are completely homemade. Only the ciabatta and the Pasticceria San Marco are delivered.
Vapiano has great bar with a big choice of vine, Coffee and soft beverages. Every customer who is older than 16 is able to feel the taste of the vine before ordering it.

Perfect service

Vapiano has a great young, mostly student based employee team. It seems that we can find representatives from all the continents of the planet in their walls. As we understand language is not an issue there. The members of a team ought to speak at least three languages. They are very fast, friendly with a sense of humor and responsibility.
There are no WI-FI, Television or table reservations in Vapiano. The company wants their guests to feel relaxed about coming to Vapiano at any time. Vapiano is a place to relax and escape from the world. Place to meet up and catch up with friends and family without any distractions.
With this new innovative “chip card pay technology”, Vapiano is going to change the way restaurants do business! The chip card gives you total freedom to do what you want, when you want. Sit where you choose, eat and drink when you would like, change tables whenever you like, and you will never get stuck with paying for somebody else’s food and drink .
Reasonable price
The prices are quite reasonable. Nothing costs more than EU12.95 and because there’s no wait staff you can hang on over your meal as long as you wish.
Vapiano is a winner of: * “ Best of Budapest 2008. The measure of Quality” award. * “Retailers’ Retailor” of the year 2009 award * “Hamburger Foodservice Prize” 2006 * Top Job 2007 * Entrepreneur of the year 2007

Personal experience of being a Vapiano customer .

On 20 of October I paid a visit in Vapiano 1010, Wien. The appearance of the restaurant was pretty impressive and inviting. Wright at the entrance aria the hostess welcomed me, gave me a chip-card and asked if I’m familiar with what is it and how to use it. After my negative answer she didn’t hesitate to explain me everything in a very friendly manner.
The restaurant has a self-service policy, so I took my tray and silverware and put myself at the line by the Salad station. The employee “S” greeted me and asked what I would like to get. I ordered a small salad, at the same moment followed a question about bread, special ingredients or dressing preferences. I took balsamico. The employee “S” wore the hygienic gloves and put the salad in my plate. Before booking my order on the chip-card She asked me if I’d also like something to drink or about any other wishes. I took the Orange juice with my fresh made salad and moved to Pizza Station.
Here I ordered a pizza Diavolo. The employee “P” handed me over the “pager device” and explained that preparing of a pizza will take I little bit of time and that the pager will let me know when to come to pick up my order. Then he asked me to put my chip-cart in front of the terminal to book my order on it.
I attended one of the free space table and waited. The restaurant was pretty busy at that moment but the level of temperature and music were very comfortable; the employee seemed to be friendly and polite. When device started to ring I came back to Pizza place to pick up my order. The Employee “P” smiled to me and wished me a good appetite.
The pizza had a pleasant temperature, looked very appetizing and beautiful. The salad looked fresh and appetizing, and it tasted very good. Salt, pepper, vinegar, oil and home grow spice-flowers stayed in front of me on the table.
After eating the main course I went to the Coffee bar where the staff member “B” friendly sad “Hello!”. I ordered one Panna Cotta and Espresso. She prepared the coffee very fast and gave me one glass of water even without me asking for it. We book everything on a chip-card and I took my place in a bar lounge in front of warming modern fireplace.
The desert had a wonderful taste and the Coffee had a nice aroma and beautiful crema.
At the end I went to the register where employee “R” took my chip-card, scanned it and told me amount of money I owe. After I paid she gave me my receipt back and wished me a nice day.
I think in a future I will be recommending the Vapiano to my friends as a great place to eat a tasty “fast food” on Italian manner. We are always trying to offer our guests new flavor experiences. Occasionally one recipe has to make room for a delicious new one Keep your eyes open as many of the old favourite’s pop up as specials.


The concept of quality is not limited to products, but also incorporates the productive, organizational and design functions that may be associated with a particular product or service, as well as the people that are involved in these processes. Quality can therefore be identified as a management function because it needs to be planned and implemented.

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