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I. Problems:
A. Macro
1. Culture Resistance To Change – Currently the Director of Accounting and the Production Manager are against the proposal because of the high risk, the uncertain results, and the need for new machinery for the current production line. Without all the management in agreement it can prevent the company from remaining competitive or adapting to a changing environment.
2. The Organization needs to remove the fear of failure and provide a climate that supports the risk that is being taken.
B. Micro
1. The management team is questioning Mr. Spinks because the feel he is often autocratic, strong-willed, and impatient. Mr. Spinks has to show he has the same ethical and value as the organization.
2. Determining the Priority of the Goals – Is Mr. West looking for Mr. Spinks to just make him look better after having a bad couple of years or is the goal the Mr. West really have in mind is for the better of the company.
II. Causes:
1. Dim Lighting Company has not produced new products or set them apart from the competition. In order to be successful the company needs to standout from their competitors.
2. With changing technology Dim Lighting Company needs to come up with innovated ideas to make them stand out. They need to keep the customers coming back and not going to the competitors.
3. All companies have to look at change to continue to grow and stay competitive. Without change profits can become stagnant and can this could be the demise of the organization.
III. Systems affected:
1. Marketing will have to change in the way they sell the new products. It will require new marketing techniques on how to sell this new product.
2. Manufacturing will have to learn different equipment to manufacture the new product
3. Sales will have to be trained to understand the new product so that they can sell the product to distributors…...