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SWOT Analysis report for the Product of Jackie O’s This SWOT report is going to analyze the product point of Jackie O’s company, which is a bar and restaurant in Athens, Ohio. Jackie O’s is a specific and very local company in Athens, Ohio. In addition, Jackie O’s has two different locations in Athens: the Brewery and the Brewpub. The Brewery is manufacturing Jackie O’s own beer, and the Brewpub is selling beers that came from the Brewery. In addition, its objective is clear and simple: the hope is that everyone drinks beer from Jackie O’s company in Athens, Ohio. As a result, after our group did a simple survey, there are four parts that our team tried to analyze Jackie O’s company on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, because those can help our group get useful and helpful plan of how to make a recommendation for the Jackie O’s owner. Strengths In the aspects of products, the most important preponderance of Jackie O’s is its special products: beers. It is extraordinary, because Jackie O’s company has its own beer factory, the Brewery. The Brewery offers more than 34 types of beers, which comes from the Brewery of Jackie O’s. According to Brumfield (2012), Jackie O’s imported the new facility in the Brewery, that leads Jackie O’s to become a producing and marketing by oneself company in Athens, Ohio. Moreover, the brand of beer is very multitudinous, so there has three parts of beers: core beers, seasonal beers and imperial beers, which they offer for customers in different periods. On more things, the raw materials of production of beers come from Athens’ own farm, so Jackie O’s has missing article own farm, which is just next to the Brewery. As a result, all products which they offer customers are pollution-free green food and agriculture products. According to Armon (2014) Jackie O’s was in acute shortages of market supplies situation, even...

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...The University of Hong Kong Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Faculty Graduation a... HOME   REGISTRATION   CEREMONY INFORMATION Speech by Professor Lung Ying-tai   PHOTO   Page 1 of 3 HKU 185th CONGREGRATION 中文譯本 Faculty Graduation and Prize Presentation Ceremony November 28, 2011 Members of the faculty, distinguished guests, proud parents, and graduates: Enquiry: HKU Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Tel: (852) 2819 2851 Fax: (852) 2974 0678 Email: Speech by Professor Lung Ying-tai I am most reluctant in giving graduation addresses because the given audience is usually the worst kind --before you open your mouth, they wish you were already done, and whatever you say, they are determined that they won't remember a thing once they are out of the hall. Under these tough circumstances, I still have to say that it's not only an honor and pleasure for me to be here with you today; it's also a calculated pre-emptive measure because sooner or later, one way or another, I am going to fall into your hands. And when our paths do cross, I naturally would hope that you are not only professionally excellent but also socially committed and compassionate. Today is the graduation ceremony for your Study Phase I, medicine, and it's also the inauguration ceremony for your Study Phase II, the study of life. So I'd like to share with you some of my own notes about life. I grew up in a port city in southern Taiwan called......

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