Were Other Employees at Bill Garbo’s Company Impacted by His Decision to Hire Amber? Explain How.

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An Ethical Dilemma – Case Study – Week 3

1. From an ethical standpoint, was Mr. Garbo wrong to hire Amber? Was Amber’s father wrong to ask Mr. Garbo to help out his daughter?

Ans 1 :

From an ethical standpoint Mr. Garbo and Amber's father both of them were wrong because Mr. Allen Davis should not use his position as a EVP to find a job to his daughter which may effect and reflect on future relation with Mr. Garbo from business point at the same time Mr.Garbo hire her aiming to have more business in future for his company and he did not follow the regular recruitment processes .
Noting that both of them were not looking for his company benefits, and it might be reflected negatively on their company and their relations too

2. Does Amber have an ethical responsibility in this case? If so, explain

Ans 2:

Amber from beginning knows that Mr. Grabo hire her not for her qualification and he did not follow the proper processes for recruitment , beside the salary was higher than her colleague who were more experience and more qualified than her but with all this factors she did not try or to give efforts to learn more about the new job or trying to improve her skills and knowledge to handle the new task and play her role on the company
But in return she had ruined the internal and external relation of both the firms. Due to her unorthodox activities, she had spoiled environmental relationship among employee-employer relationship. And a result of her nature of taking things lightly and irresponsibility in the work would spoil the business and friendship between her Dad and her company. And eventually she would become a danger for her dad’s job…...

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