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Westjet Coninued Growth

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Based on the issues raised in the chapter, describe the current motivational processes at WestJet.
WestJet uses motivational processes such as motivation through job design, the reasoning behind this strategy is the make the job challenging and the put further emphasis on the workers responsibility that they are motivated just performing the job. One of the approaches used within the confines of motivation through job design is, job enrichment. WestJet makes each employee feel motivated by added variety, responsibility and managerial making decisions to their daily tasks. The workers are referred to as WestJetters a term which I believe gives them a sense of ownership, responsibility and accountability for their work. The customers who use WestJet are referred to as guests. It also appears that the WestJetters find their job exciting which often increases job satisfaction and motivation. All new employees participate in an “on-boarding orientation that provides an overview of the company and its culture. This takes the form of a fun two-day session with participation from a variety of team within the company. The new hires get a thorough introduction of the company’s culture and guest experience, the corporate history and the airline industry. Senior executives across the company participate in these sessions to provide their perspective and reinforce the importance of company places on its people and culture. I also believe that these orientation sessions allows insight into how new intakes can make their roles enjoyable and rewarding.
WestJet seems to have utilized the some of the characteristics for job enrichment taking into account direct feedback which is something they stress on from their customers and WestJetters on how they can make things better. Groups of WestJetters meet up on what is referred to as culture connections and these are half day...

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