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This task has TWO parts. Respond to both parts.

A. Reading Log
You will be required to maintain a log of six (6) readings relevant to unit 2. Your reading log will consist of an annotated bibliography of the sources and ONE question per reading (of one to three sentences each) synthesizing your queries coming from the readings. (15 marks)

B. Presentation
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with the answer to any ONE of the questions from your reading log. (15 marks) (Maximum 10 slides)

|Graded Discussion #2 Rubric |
|Criteria |Exceptional |Excellent |Acceptable |Unsatisfactory |
| |14-15 marks |12-13 marks |8-11 marks |0-7 marks |
|Reading Log |All six questions |Five questions encourage |Three to four questions |One or two questions |
|(15 marks) |encourage higher level |higher level thinking that |encourage higher level |encourage higher level |
| |thinking that engage ideas|engage ideas that arise |thinking that engage ideas |thinking that engage ideas |
| |that arise from or get to |from or get to the heart of|that arise from or get to the|that arise from or get to |
| |the heart of the reading, |the reading, or synthesize |heart of the reading, or |the heart of the reading, or|
| |or synthesize its central |its central ideas; draws |synthesize its central ideas;|synthesize its central |
| |ideas; draws out the major|out the major issues that |draws out the major issues |ideas; draws out the major |
| |issues that relate to your|relate to your practice; |that relate to your practice;|issues that relate to your |
| |practice; are ‘big picture|are ‘big picture |are ‘big picture questions’, |practice; are ‘big picture |
| |questions’, that seek |questions’, that seek |that seek genuine |questions’, that seek |
| |genuine understanding of |genuine understanding of |understanding of the |genuine understanding of the|
| |the material; are |the material; are |material; are open-ended, |material; are open-ended, |
| |open-ended, probing, |open-ended, probing, |probing, challenging, |probing, challenging, |
| |challenging, critical and |challenging, critical and |critical and self-reflexive. |critical and self-reflexive.|
| |self-reflexive. |self-reflexive. |Annotations are not |Annotations are not |
| |Annotations are detailed, |Annotations are detailed |sufficiently detailed to give|sufficiently detailed to |
| |using APA 6th edition and |enough to give clear |clear insights into the |give clear insights into the|
| |give clear insights into |insights into the issues. |issues. Evidence of APA 6th |issues. APA 6th edition is |
| |the issues. |Uses APA 6th edition with |edition is seen with several |not used well or not used at|
| | |minor errors and omissions.|errors and omissions. |all. |
|Presentation |Question is fully answered|Question is almost fully |Question is partially |Question is partially |
|(15 marks) |with convincing arguments |answered with convincing |answered with some convincing|answered with some |
| |and data. Slides are |arguments and data. Slides |arguments and/or data. Slides|unconvincing arguments |
| |logically organized and |are logically organized and|are somewhat difficult to |and/or data. Presentation is|
| |flow well. Powerful images|flow well. Powerful images |follow. Images support the |difficult to follow. Images |
| |support the content on |support the content on each|content on each slide. |do not fully support the |
| |each slide. |slide. | |content on each slide . |
|Total | | | | |
|30 marks | | | | |

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