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Executive Summary

The article applies PESTEL and five- forces analytic methods to analyze opportunities and threats of Westpac Bank Group in general and competitive environments. Specifically, in general environment, the key perspectives are political and economic factors. However, faced with strong substitutes and rivalries, Westpac would focus on those great threats. In addition, the report demonstrates the visions and missions of the company, indicating the Westpac’s objectives. Then, SWOT analysis is used in the company’s strategic management, which discovers the strengths including company’s infrastructure, great reputation, staffing level and the weakness covering capital risk and low profitability. Moreover, five categories of resources, namely financial, physical, reputational, technological, human resources are discussed. Furthermore, several specific strategies would be presented to gain company’s further objectives and achieve better development. Finally, some recommendations will be suggested to the company, enhancing Westpac’s business operations and development.

1.General environment
As one of the big four banks in Australia, Westpac Bank is unavoidably affected by macro environment, faced with several opportunities and threats. Specifically, in terms of political and legal factors, although lots of financial policies and regulations are made to support better Australian banking industry reforms, excessive regulatory interventions may confine Westpac development and higher financial uncertainties also influence the company’s future plans (Australia Trade Commission, 2011). From the economic perspective, although affected by the European debt crisis which may lead investors to lose confidence of finance and capital market, Westpac suffers negative impacts slightly (Taylor, 2013). Moreover, along with stable development of Australian economy,...

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