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1. What is the nature of quality control? Identify and explain two examples of quality control methods.
Quality control is used when a company tries to prevent or fix defects in their products or services to improve the outcome. Two examples of quality control are statistical quality control and statistical process control. Statistical quality control is looking for defects in outcomes selected through a sampling technique and statistical process control is when the company uses statistics to monitor production quality during the production process.

2. According to your own experience or observation, what is the most difficult part in managing a team? And why?
The most difficult part in managing a team is getting everyone on board. Proving yourself worthy of the management position, so that everyone will follow you. When new managers come into a group that has already established it’s hard for the team members to switch over to a new way of working. You will have some employees whom like change, question change, or try to avoid the change. This is a difficult time to manage a team and to get them to all see your focus and success for the job. 3. Does diversity only mean demographic difference? If not, what are other aspects of diversity in an organization?
No, diversity does not only mean demographic difference. Diversity refers to the characteristics of an individual such as race, cultural, ethic, age, gender, and so on. All of these are a play a major role in an organization when dealing with...

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