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Areas for Consideration – Personnel Case Study 3

Is there a practice policy for sickness absence? If not written down, what is accepted practice? How well has this been communicated to all staff? How is this reinforced?

How are the facts re sickness absence recorded?

Is the procedure reasonable, fair and consistently adhered to throughout the practice?

Are there systems in place for monitoring all absences?

Were the assumptions and suspicions about alcohol investigated – any evidence?

Assuming investigations and observations re alcohol were confirmed (ie evidence/observation confirmed by staff member turning up drunk, under the influence of alcohol, smelling strongly of alcohol), should this have constituted instant dismissal there and then?

Consider what support/counselling/advice you would give any member of staff with personal problems which led to poor performance.

Does the receptionist know that the situation now is clearly about discipline and what that involves?

Has she acknowledged (1) understanding of why she has been disciplined and (2) receipt of formal final warning?

Was a timescale for improvement implicit in previous warnings?

Did the practice consider that there may be a genuine social problem underlying the “alcoholism”?

If a health/social problem was identified, should the practice have considered giving guidance on access to counselling/support rather than discipline?

Should the practice bite the bullet and accept that the car accident and resultant broken leg is clearly genuine and be as supportive as possible through this particular problem?

At the point of recovery and return to work, should the practice have a face-to-face discussion along the lines of:

• This is where we were at • This is where we are now • These are the practice’s expectations from now on • Be...

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