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For any business, engaging in e-commerce would be a smart move. Especially in the technological age we live in, engaging in e-commerce is practically necessary for a business to thrive. In the field of life insurance, e-commerce can come in the form of something like a small company gift shop; offering souvenir products of their company logo. For example, the company may sell calendars, pens, t-shirts, and more to their policyholders and the general public. Or it can also come in the form of allowing policyholders the option to make payments on their policy/policies online. In either forms of how Pacific Guardian Life Insurance can engage in e-commerce mentioned above, it can definitely improve business for the company. Company souvenirs like T-shirts, and other logo items, are great for advertising, whether they are received as gifts or purchased. By having this selection available, it could possibly increase the company’s awareness with the general public. Accepting online payments for the company will give customers more options and will meet current market demands of allowing exchange of business to be more convenient and in control of the consumer.
A1. Customer Payments Now that online businesses are at an all-time high, there are several options available to businesses to help aid in the transition to accept online payments. There are numerous companies offering merchant services; now in a sense even bundle up products and services needed to begin accepting online payments. I believe for this business, services provided by Verisign would be the best option to proceed with.
Verisign is a trusted name in the online community and for consumers, which is the first step before participating in e-commerce. Due to possibilities of fraud, hackers, and online scams, a company must provide sense of security on their website in order for customers to proceed with…...

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