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Company Q needs to build a new relationship with the community. Having to close two stores recently indicates to me, that the company has had to make some decisions based on profit margin. Unfortunately, this decision could be viewed as controversial to the public because both stores were Located in high crime communities. This company has made some other unpopular decisions such as, ignoring customer request for products, and not donating day old food to the local food pantry. All three of these decisions has led the community to feel like the company only has it’s best interest in mind and not the consumers. This is socially irresponsible on Company Q’s behalf and will have major impacts on their business. People in the area will quit supporting Company Q as word travels that they don’t care about their social responsibility. If Company Q would look at the bigger picture they would see that the decisions they’re making is hurting their reputation and actually costing them profits.
Company Q needs to take action and start building a new social image immediately. First,
Company Q needs to address the food issue. Socially, the thought of a store throwing away editable food, when there are people going hungry, is a disaster. Economically throwing away food is not good for the companies profits and long term stability. Company Q needs to look at their products that are becoming outdated and make adjustments to their inventory based on trends and shelf life. After these adjustments have been made, there will still be times when things don’t sell and they need to give these items to the local pantries. I recommend the store manager hold a meeting with each department manager informing them that the company has to change its attitude towards social responsibility so there are going to be some changes. The first is helping the...

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