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Wgu Ethical Situations in Business Task 1

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Ethical Situations in Business Task 1

John Mackey, founder of Whole Foods once said "Business social responsibility should not be coerced; it is a voluntary decision that the entrepreneurial leadership of every company must make on its own." (Mackey, 2005) In today’s society it is increasingly common for businesses to actively identify and become directly involved in the country and the global social issues and needs. It is now common

place for companies to market this information alongside of their logos, as a TV commercial and on the products they sell. When a company does not resemble its competitors it really stands out and

unfortunately this is where we find Company Q. In the exercise Company Q is described as a small, local grocery store located in a major metropolitan area. Company Q, seems to be allowing themselves to be defined by their financial An older

successes and failures rather than listening and becoming engaged with their community.

school of thought perhaps, which makes them, stand out in a way that casts a negative light on the business. While two of their stores have closed in high crime areas due to loss of revenue some might

make the case based on the information given that it in fact had more to do with their lack of attention to the pulse of the local community. Company Q, has many opportunities on which they could improve their overall reputation and how they are seen within their local community as well as their bottom-line. Listening to the patrons

who frequent your business is an obvious opportunity that it appears in the past have been overlooked. The company was asked to offer organic/health conscious products in which they acted in a very small and insignificant way. Constantly surveying and analyzing customer trends seems to be a necessity to We have seen many chains beginning to offer a store

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