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Wgu Glt1 Behavioral Science Survey and Issues in Behavioral Science - Complete Course All 4 Tasks

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WGU GLT1 Behavioral Science Survey and Issues in Behavioral Science - Complete Course All 4 Tasks

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WGU GLT1 Task 1 Two examples of native non-western cultures that have been impacted by globalization are Japan and China.
In 1971 the first McDonalds was introduced to Japanese culture. Japanese culture places a lot of importance on food and traditions. One of those traditions is Obentos. The practice of Obentos includes meals being made by mothers for their children in a precise way. These carefully thought out healthy meals were meant to sustain children throughout the day and give them quality nutrition so that they could focus on their studies. The precise way the meal was made was also meant to mirror the role of a Japanese citizen. The introduction of fast food has not only had an impact on Obentos, it has also impacted obesity in Japan. Obesity rates have risen from 3% prior to the introduction of fast food, to 10% currently. Japan now has the second largest amount of McDonald’s franchises in the world, after the USA. WGU GLT1 Task 2 Drug or substance abuse is a socially significant problem in the United States that affects us all. Drug abuse can significantly impact families and communities. Thirty one percent of America's homeless suffer from drug abuse or alcoholism. As many as sixty percent of adults in Federal prisons are there for drug-related crimes. Children with prenatal cocaine exposure are more likely to need special education services in school. Special education costs for the affected communities are estimated at $23 million per year. In 2007, illicit drug users were more likely than others to have missed two or more days of work in the past month and to have worked for three or more employers in the past…...

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