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LIT1: Task 310.1.5-02, 11, 13 Part A Sole Proprietorship: This form of business is the most common form of new business startup. Legal and tax issues are basic and can be followed without significant assistance from external sources. The business and owner are one in the same and all liabilities will fall upon them personally. The primary key to being a sole proprietor is the owner maintains independence in the decision making of the business and how he or she implements their business plan. LIABILITY: Individual and the business are treated in the same manner. The sole proprietor holds responsibility is for all losses and profits and has the additional responsibility of being personal liable for all actions of the business. INCOME TAXES: The sole proprietor profits are taxed as their personal income with only minimal tax incentives compared to other business models. Business profits or in the case of losses must be reported as personal income tax. LONGEVITY/CONTINUITY: Sole proprietorship can end their business at anytime without legal formalities. CONTROL: An SP business is operated as a single business owner. The control of the business cannot be given to anyone else. PROFIT RETENTION: The profits of the business belong to the owner of the business and are not shared. LOCATION: A sole proprietor is not limited to where it can operate within the United States. Only localized codes and regulations can affect where the business can be located. CONVENIENCE/BURDEN: Sole Proprietorships can be easily established. The burden lies in the legal and financial responsibilities fall solely upon the owner. It can be difficult to obtain financing and limited tax advantages.______________________________________________________________________ General Partnership - This type of business is also simple to establish in cases where there are multiple owners. There are...

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