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Wgu Mol C100 Task 1 Company and Swot

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Managing Organization and Leading People- FCA Company and SWOT

Robert McCormack
Western Governor University

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This paper is being submitted on August 30, 2015, for WGU C200 Managing Organizations and Leading People
Managing Organization and Leading People- FCA Company and SWOT The Corporate American dream is undergoing a major overhaul. Not all that long ago there was plenty of opportunity for the average American worker to obtain employment in the automotive industry and earn what was considered a competitive wage. The internal and external challenges for the FCA LLC (Fiat Chrysler Automotive) company in recent years have caused the company to take on a systematic approach to building and maintaining a profitable business. The discovery of the root cause for the FCA turn around can be found in the leader CEO Sergio Marchionne. In the paper, we will review his top three leadership practices, and perform SWOT analysis of the FCA- North America organization.

The FCA- North America LLC has its headquarters in Auburn Hill, Michigan. The FCA- North America divisions include SRT, Dodge, Chrysler, and Ram. The primary products made by this company are SUVs, trucks and automobiles. The Dodge autos include the Dart, Challenger, Charger, and the Avenger. The Chrysler autos include the 200, the 300, Town and Country. The Ram Truck line includes Ram 1500, 2500, 3500. The SUV lineup is Jeep, Dodge Durango. The FCA- North America LLC product has a target of the general public as well as the commercial side to meet the needs of the business sector.

In 2006, Chrysler Group LLC was in a terrible financial position and filed for bankruptcy. Chrysler Group LLC was too big to fail was the excuse that led to the U.S. Government to be part owner in the Chrysler Group LLC. Part of the restructure agreement, was the Fiat S.P.A. was, in short,…...

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