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Wgu Qlti Quantitative Literacy Numeracy, Algebra, & Geometry - All 5 Tasks

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WGU QLTI Quantitative Literacy Numeracy, Algebra, & Geometry - All 5 Tasks

This tutorial contains all of the required attachments for the entire QLT1 Quantitative Literacy course at WGU. All of the attachments passed the Taskstream evaluations.

Task 1 Solving Algebraic Equations:

The attachment contains the graphs for parts A1 (graphing values on a number line), A2 (graphing points on a single coordinate plane), and A3 (graphing functions on spearate coordinate planes). There are six graphs total.

Task 2 Solving Algebraic Equations:

The attachment pertains to a man shining a laser beam from a third-story window and contains the calculation for part A1, the graph for part A2, the identification of points for part A3, the height for part A4, the explanation for part A4a, the determination for part A5, and the explanation for part A5a.
Task 3 Solving Algebraic Equations:

The attachment pertains to a person saving money according to a rigid savings schedule and contains the equations for part A1, the solutions to the equations for part A2, the graph for part A3, the determination for part A3a, and the explanation for part A4.

Task 4 Constructing Arguments and Reasoning:
The attachment contains the logical progression of steps to develop a reasonable and complete geometric proof of isosceles Triangle ABC.
Task 5 Solving Algebraic Equations, Applying Probability and Statistics, Interpreting and Communicating Quantitative Information, Applying Technology to Quantitative Problems

The attachment pertains to a teacher looking for the best option in purchasing school supplies and contains the description of the real-world scenario for part A1, the explanation of the customer's needs for part A2, discussion of two cost options for part A3, the linear equation for part B1, the explanation for part B2, the solution for part B3, the explanation for part B3a, the graph for part C, the discussion for part D and part D1.

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