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Wgu Qrt2 E - Business Entire Course Tasks

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WGU QRT2 E - Business Entire Course Tasks

QRT2 TASK 1 A1. This type of business is a niche. Unless you are out looking for this type of product, it may not be easy to find unique little shops. Sometimes, the avid potter or crafter will have to drive miles to find little businesses to shop at. The location of Pleasant Garden Pottery is in Pleasant Garden, North Carolina. It is well off the beaten path of the busy interstate and nowhere near located other shops and strip malls. This quaint little shop would benefit from a more prominent online presence. By developing a full online website and advertise on social media websites, can produce traffic not only in the North Carolina area,
2. Assessments of Online competitors
By scoping out the online competition, it allows you to evaluate its effectiveness to promote their business online. In order to attract an online clientele, the website will need to be easy to navigate but also have that “WOW” factor when the page is opened. First impressions are always so important in real life, and the same applies to websites.
3. Online Marketing Suggestions and Strategies: Since this business is a brick and mortar business, utilizing the internet to market the store will not only increase traffic to the business but will boost the company’s name recognition and the products it sells.
4. Social Media Integration:

Pleasant Garden Pottery currently does not utilize and online sites or social media. To boost its presence in the Social Media Realm, Pleasant Garden Pottery will be joining Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Pinterest and Etsy. Benefits of utilizing the social media websites not only boost recognition, but it is also low cost with high profitability once the merchandise sells. Another benefit is that there will…...

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