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Professional Roles & Values Project
Sabina S. Borgen
Western Governer’s University

Professional Roles & Values


Professional Roles & Values Project
There are specific functions and benefits that both a regulatory agency and a professional organization entail. The one common objective that exists between the two is to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of the public and their healthcare needs.
Through researching both entities, a Professional Nursing Mission Statement outlines the valuable characteristics of both establishments with specific roles that are entailed in each one and how they interpret the meaning of quality of care.
A: Functional Differences
A regulatory agency such as the Wisconsin Department of Safety and
Professional Services assists with the regulation and upholding of licensure requirements for delivery of competent care within the nursing profession. Laws that are written and monitored evolve from actions within the legislative and executive branches to safeguard the public (NCSBN, 2015).

Regulatory agencies also enforce the state nurse practice

act along with overlooking exams that grant licenses and disciplining the license of those that engage in unsafe practice. Nurse education programs require approval from a regulatory agency and need to show that collaboration between students and the facility exist (Nursing World, 2012).
A professional nursing organization places emphasis on the nurses as individuals, their profession, and the healthcare needs of the public. Such organizations provide confidence within the nursing field by offering continuing education and community resources for professional growth and support. The ongoing changing needs within healthcare from additional interventions to new symptoms are supported and


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