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What Are Romeo And Juliet's Decisions

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Sometimes Romeo and Juliet don't always understand what they are getting themselves into and the trouble they might cause. Juliet's naivete adds to the plot of the story by all of her decisions. Juliet's decisions may sometimes not give her the output that she had wanted. Capulet's and Montague's very much dislike each other.

Juliet marrying Romeo is a big risk in which both of their families very much dislike each other. "Thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow, By one that i'll procure to come to thee" (2.2.150-151). In addition, later on in the book Juliet takes a potion that makes her seem like she is dead for two days so she doesn't have to marry Paris. "Romeo, I come! this do I drink to thee" (4.3.60). In "Romeo and Juliet" you...

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...Romeo and Juliet Everybody makes bad decisions somewhere in their life, even if some people end up making ones worse a lot earlier in their life. Therefore, Juliet was the most responsible for her and Romeo’s death because she was impatient, impulsive and immature. To begin, Juliet’s impatience had only started to show after she happened to meet Romeo at the party being thrown at her house. One of the biggest acts of impatience in both her and Romeo is how badly they both want to get married. This is mostly shown during the famous balcony scene where Juliet says, “Th’ exchange of thy love’s faithful vow for mine.” (2.2.134) Both Romeo and Juliet only spoke once before this, meaning that they have known each other for less than an hour and knew barely anything about the other. For Juliet to have already felt the need to propose to Romeo is incredibly impatient and foolish thinking. Therefore, Juliet’s impatience was one of the most important reasons to...

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