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What Are Some Problems Associated with Teen Pregnancy?

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What are some problems associated with Teen Pregnancy?
One of the most common features of adolescence -- the period of development between the ages of 10 and 19 years -- is engagement in sexual activity. In some cases this may start even in the earlier part of this age range. The proportion of adolescents in the population is increasing in developing countries, and so is the extent of their involvement in sexual activity. In some cases a young person's sexual activity may not be recognized by the family until a pregnancy occurs.
Pregnancy in adolescence is associated with premature birth, low birth weight, prenatal mortality, increased infant mortality and maltreatment of children. The health-related disadvantages of adolescents who become parents heavily outweigh any advantages there may be. Unmarried mothers may feel stigmatized by becoming pregnant at such a young age. Later, the poorly educated and unemployed single mother is likely to feel a sense of guilt and loss.
In reality, having a baby when you're in high school is much more than tough. It requires hard work and sacrifices that most girls can't even imagine-and it is definitely not glamorous. Getting pregnant at such a young age is sometimes heartbreaking and scary to young girls. They have to give up a lot of thing that they never thought they had to leave behind. They have to make so many sacrifices and work twice as harder.
Most of the time teen moms end up being single moms. Very few times the baby’s dad faces the...

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