What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media?

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Brandy Thompson
Hum/176 - Week 4

Option #1:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media?

Social media has many advantages as well as disadvantages. On a positive aspect, social media can be used to build a community on either a personal level or even a business level. Different social media sites offer different features to their users. There are sites that can be used for advertising videos as well as photos. Some are a good source mainly to reach a worldwide connectivity. There is no faster way to reach people all over the world within minutes, like you can on social media sites. Having the ability to connect to others whom share personal interest and the ability to have real-time information sharing, also known as instant messaging is a feature that has become very convenient between users. There is no limit to how much advertising you can do; it all depends on how much time you are willing to put into it. The best part of it is that’s its free.
Of course there is a downfall to social media sites. One that concerns a lot of people is the face-to-face connections. Not only is it very easy to create a persona or an image of who you want people to see, but that becomes a big problem with the younger generation today. Another major concern that falls in that category is the lack of interaction between one and other causing the younger generation to be deprived of learning how to develop ones social skills, maintain or build relationships that are necessary for future success. There are also problems with cyber bulling and fraud or identity theft.…...

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