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What Are The Changes In Gattaca

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Gattaca? It's a movie of life that was once fiction but now could be something that is for real. This movie use to be something that people could watch but never thought in life could ever happen. There are many ways that once someone finds the way to do this will change the world in many ways. Some ways it could make our economy and the whole world bad is, people could find ways around it, some people don't like it, and it would change dramatically to our way of living. Some goods that could come from this is people could live much longer and would have less diseases would be spreading, also people will be much stronger and smarter or whatever their parents chooses for them. There is way more other reasons that could be a downfall or a great thing to happen. …show more content…
People would now not have the “real” family tree anymore and they would be almost like a robot. Another is that there would be less deaths, and that would overpopulate the universe and make it harder to live. Those poor wouldn't be able to do this and it wouldn't be fair to all people because they would never be as smart as the “fake” people. People would have to go some place to find out about a person and that's just by taking a piece of hair and getting it tested. Dating would be hard for some, such as the poor because they wouldn't have a chance to be with the “smart” people. Our world could become a downfall from all those who are to be smarter than those who aren't

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...Genetic engineering: Gattaca is a biological film that talks about the theme of the power of science where children are pre implanted with genes to enable them to posses the best traits when they are born. The misuse of science to enhance individual’s capabilities is what rules Niccol’s society of Gattaca. The misuse of science, particularly the field genetic engineering is depicted through the written code of the inter title, the audio code of voice over. The written code of the inter title “I not only think that we will tamper with Mother Nature. I think Mother wants us to” (William Gaylin) represents the opinion that perhaps God himself is not perfect, as He created a flawed world and that having the ability to change it means that it should be changed. This is strongly depicted in Gattaca whereby the Gattican society try to make it perfect and flawless by using science in particular, genetic engineering to add desired genetics to unborn babies and take away the undesired ones. Ultimately causing more destruction to Gattacan society then perfection. The misuse of science is further depicted through the audio convention of voice over, “I never understand what possessed my mother to put her faith in God’s hands rather than the local geneticists”. Parents in Gattaca choose the “very best” of themselves for their children, eliminating all their imperfections. Vincent was a godchild, meaning he was conceived without the use of genetic engineering or any other science resulting in a...

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