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What Are The Consequences Of The Articles Of Confederation Dbq

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America declared its independence on July 4th, 1776. It was a time of renovating the new nation that will soon be “The United States of America”. The nation was in need of a new form of government, thus came the Articles of Confederation. Although it was the first form of government, the Articles of Confederation had several good ideas but most of the power was in the hands of its people. The federal government lacked authority over the states. It was a very problematic time for the new nation.

American had gained its independence on July 4th, of 1783. A new nation was born where the Americans had devoted their blood, sweat, and tears to gain their independence, they were victorious. Although this was a historic period it wasn’t long until conflict had arisen. Becoming independent in the eyes of the Americans mean that they were free to rule themselves. Most of the colonies have set their eyes on expanding their land. This resulted in disputes between the colonies (now states) all over the country. The colonies had set their eyes on land that was far out of reach, states were bickering over the lands they have claimed, most which they hadn’t been to.

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American colonists would harass government officials, destroy government buildings, etc. When things had fallen out of proportion (Shay’s Rebellion) the national government tried to step in to settle the disputes but there was nothing they could do. With no financial support the government had no national army, therefore they couldn’t scare off or settle the dispute right then and there. Each state had its own regulations, the future “United States” had never been more disconnected. With all these issues piled on one another the government had come to a conclusion, with no authority the country will become chaotic. The Articles of Confederation clearly weren’t working, this called for a new form of

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