What Are the Effective Study Skills That Provide a Sole Foundation of a Sound Rducation

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Diane Craik (140865)
Module 1 : “ What are the effective study skills that provide a sole foundation of a sound education”

Individuals have a different perception to what a sound education is. Some believe that by completing the standard education is sufficient, whilst others believe that a higher education is required. How a person acquires their education is down to their natural abilities, past experiences, style of learning and the development of the necessary learning skills. As a student, using all the above will allow them to learn to the standard they require to acquire their sound education.

Everyone has their own level of “intelligence quotation or IQ” according to Shearman (1927) and Truman (1916). They believed that if a person was born with a high intelligence it would stand them in good stead throughout their life, passing one test would generally mean going on to pass subsequent tests, compared to a person born with a low “IQ”.
MacIntosh and Maisie-Taylor (1985) believed differently in that these type of intelligence tests were not an accurate indication to a persons’ potential but merely a “snap-shot” of a persons’ experience and learning up to that moment”.
During our life we obtain information in different ways, consciously whilst studying, being aware we are learning and unconsciously, being unaware we have learnt something until it crops up and we know the answer, not knowing how but we “just know” it.
Saul McLeod (2009) wrote about the psychologist Jean Piaget who studied the “intellectual development of children”. Through his observations “he concluded that children were not less intelligent than adults, the simply think differently”.
He identified four stages in a childs’ development, the first being the sensory stage from birth to two years. At birth a child uses their natural instincts of sucking, grasping, seeing and…...