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What Are the Implications of the Government in Entrepreneurship?

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COLLEGE OF HUMANITIES Centre for Area and Cultural Studies (CACS)

Minor in Area and Cultural Studies, Part 1: Introduction to Area and Cultural Studies


What are the implications of the government in entrepreneurship? -­‐ A dive into the Swiss and Chinese situation.

POPADIC Jovan, Information Systems

Lausanne, academic year 2015

1. Introduction

Entrepreneurship has been a widely addressed topic in the 20th century and many renowned economists have studied the subject. Schumpeter, who might be the most famous, links entrepreneurship to innovation and emphasizes on the importance of the entrepreneur in the economic development. Like Schumpeter, Clark (1899), Higgins (1959) or Leibenstein (1978) have studied the role of the entrepreneur in the society and see it as someone who identifies business opportunities and creates companies more than somebody taking risks.

In 1921, Knight showed that the entrepreneur is effectively endorsing risk because…...

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