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What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Compensation System

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What are the strengths and weaknesses of the compensation system (they focus indirect compensation instead of higher salaries)
Cirque du Soleil is providing the alternate to shrinking circus industry and called circus of the future. It was based on the blue ocean strategy and still after 25 years it is considered as blue ocean industry. It is based on the unique concept and creativity and maintains the quality and consistency over more than 2 decade. It performs five continent and more than 90 cities.
Cirque du Soleil was founded in 1984 and grown from 73 employees in 1984 to now they have around 5000 employee. The biggest challenge for them is to maintain and attract these special tenanted employees or I should call them performer with competitively low wages. Cirque believes its unique approach to managing a worldwide workforce that runs the gamut from acrobats to administrative staff suits its business approach. Cirque adopted the unique approach to manage their workforce which is not totally based on higher salary. There compensation system is based on low salary but better benefits. They valued the noneconomic benefits like training in different places and different technique, good food which feels like home, shuttle services to work from home. Cirque motivates their employee towards their work where employees work with passion. Every employee feels like working in very specialized and unique place like Red Sox and Disney world and feels proud performing every night. Cirque tries to recruit artist as couple to give them family environment. Cirque created unique program called Crossroads, a career transition program launched in 2003, helps employees plan for their post-performing years. The program assists artists in identifying alternate career avenues by using Cirque's own expertise in the backstage aspects of the entertainment business. For example, if an...

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