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What Are the Main Benefits of Recycling?

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Most accounts of issues claim that there are a variety of benefits of recycling. “Recycling is the process of converting products back into their constituent raw materials and then reprocessing this raw into new article” (Healey, 1999). People’s desire is limitless, but the resources in the world are not infinite. In daily life, there are so many products that can be seen everywhere, for instance, glass, paper, steel, plastic products and rubber products. Hence, ignoring recycling is a large waste, that means just throwing garbage or disposing of it in landfills which is not a permanent solution. As the impassioned discussion over the issue of recycling comes into the spot light of the world, it has long been asserted that the issue of recycling in modern times is very important. Recycling makes participants feel fine, and is considered by some to be a moral responsibility, which has become a ‘social norm’ (BIEC, 1997). This essay will try to demonstrate three main benefits of recycling including its important role in economies, environment and energy-saving.
Recycling generates substantial economic benefits and it has made a vital contribution to job creation and economic development. A great illustration of it is that recycling helps people save money and creates jobs in waste management and manufacturing industries. Recycling programs cost less to operate than waste collection, land filling and incineration. According to Beck (2001), there are direct impacts and indirect impacts of recycling. In Massachusetts, recycling saves $557 million annual payroll and $3.5 billion revenues, which contributes to rendering roughly $64 million in state tax receipts. Indirect impacts include the diversification of the relevant service businesses such as agents, equipment manufacturers, accounting firms, consultants and office supply companies. In Pennsylvania, approximately 3.5...

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