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What data would you find useful in making decisions about social media and mobile technology for organizations?

A company must first of all understand how users utilize social media in order to develop proper strategies that will satisfy these needs in order to reap the benefits of proper planning. Customers have a tendency to use the media in various stages before they decide on purchasing something, either by getting product information from the seller’s website, browsing rating sites to determine the products quality or simply communicating with a friend through social media for a recommendation. Properly understanding what a customer desires is key in developing a proper marketing strategy, this allows the company to find the customers more likely to use or purchase their products. Although social media websites like Facebook can prove useful, sometimes it is better to redirect traffic to the companies own website in order to enhance the users experience, this also allows for better data collection and analysis. Visit duration, rates, new visitor count, response rate among other metrics can be used to understand customer needs.

Measuring success in the use of mobile is still being defined. What key outcomes (i.e. metrics or impact) would you look for in a business's mobile computing strategy?

In order to properly analyze mobile success focusing on customer awareness, company success, brand health and impact is of the utmost importance.
Customer Awareness, usage and conversion can be measured though the site visits, duration and new visits. It is also necessary to measure the response time to email inquiry’s and total amount of document download form the website like brochures for example.
It is possible to measure brand health by looking at customer behavior towards the particular brand. Parameters like top keywords, rankings, product popularity, comments and best performing products or regions are very good indicators of a brands popularity.
How you stand with the competition is one of the easiest parameters to measure, particularly because there is a tendency for your competitor to do it for you. It is quite common for the competition to compare their product or service to the one in control of the market, if that product/service turns out to be yours then you are on the right track. Statistics like profitability, sales and market share are also parameters to look at when measuring company standing.
Location, Time and Impact of conversations can be measured to know where and how much people are talking about the customer’s products and brand and how much influence the conversation has on other people connected through the media.

Would your job (or life) be made easier using wearable technology? Give examples of uses and the impacts to your job (or life).

Since the information age started our life have become much simpler though the use of technology, the invention of the computer was one of our first major breakthroughs in eliminating redundant task and cutting time, however portability remained an issue. These days it does not anymore, through the use of smartphones the internet is just one finger tap away from us, a source of information that can help us solve pretty much any issue whether it is work related or any kind of daily task. Applications have simplified almost every task, from cooking to scheduling even fitness apps help maintain a degree of organization in our workout. Technology has simplified our daily routine and professional lives by making everything more accessible. Tablets and smartphones have greatly improved communication on the jobsite, without any delays I am capable of sending daily reports to my superiors through the use of my tablet regardless of where I am located. Applications allow me to keep working while on the road without the need to wait for the office and get to my computer.

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