What Has Changed with Violent Crime in the Last 10 Years

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What has changed with violent crime in the last 10 years
Sarah Reese
Sociology 113
Dr. Lynne Van Trieste

Although crime rates have dropped steadily for more than ten years violent crime rates have gone up 5.2 percent (Russell). This included a 3.2 percent rise in aggravated assault (Russell). Boise was ranked third among the states six regions. As a whole this does not sound too bad; however the fact that violent crime is on the rise gives as cause to consider the possible causes.
With the top five locations for violent crime being bars, roads, parking lots, residences and schools, these are mostly very social areas. Obviously the fear of a violent crime having witnesses is not a deterrent. We could blame shifting demographics with young males, females of relatively low skill levels increasing in the area. There is also the rise of gang activity in the treasure valley (ADA County Web). Higher number of drug crimes can also be associated with this trend. Idaho also has very high poor or low income families, many of them homeless or living day to day. With fewer jobs and more layoffs this trend will continue.
The Conflict theory relates to the idea that the essential cause of crimes happen to be the effects of society and their economical leagues working inside the social order (Conflict Theory).
Society once was built on hard work and respect. The parts that make up our society have slowly broken down, everyone is afraid to run their own house holds as they once saw fit. Most parents are so afraid they might get arrested or the children removed from them that they cannot bring themselves to punish their own children. This has lead to a generation after generation of un skilled workers entering the work force and more low income families draining the system.
I feel that there is a breakdown of family morals. Parents are not…...

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