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What Have I Learned Through This Online Class?

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What Have I Learned?

Discovering and choosing a online program that fulfills all of my needs was a rigorous yet exciting task. The penn foster clearly emerged as the best choice for me and I, as a great match comparatively with other high school programs. After visiting the website, reading the information pamphlet, and researching the online high school program Web site, I realize that penn foster offers what I hope to gain from my college experience. In return, I will contribute to the penn foster as a person with leadership qualities who takes initiative and enjoys participating in school events.
Through this course, I have learned about everything that I need to succeed in my life. Now that I have a clear understanding of the key terms I am ready to answer the question at hand. The knowledge that I have acquired from many different courses dealing with the general cause and principles of things is that I must be clear on my terms. I believe that this is the most important part of succeding. If I attempt to answer this or any other question without a clear understanding of the key terms I might incorrectly analysis the question. I can not deal with the general cause and principles of things if I’m not clear on their exact meaning.

I have also acquired knowledge about others personal attitude. I have learned that there are many different Philosophies one can have, and that one should not prejudge on that Philosophy. I have learned that in most people’s minds they are right. There are many different perspectives that one could take on the same topic. One instance is many women believe that it is not moral to have sex on a first date. I on the other hand as do many men do not believe that it is immoral to have sex on the first date. Is either of us wrong? No, we both just have different perspectives on the subject, and neither of us should be too quick to...

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