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The Legal Wives: Coping Strategies towards their Husbands’ Infidelity
By: Arceo, S.L., Alamarez, A.B., Villena, J. & Yalung, C.
Thesis Adviser: Ms. Editha Galura

The aim of this study is to describe and identify the most common types of coping strategy used by wives who were affected by the infidelity of their partner. It also sought to provide demographic profiles of these wives. The researchers’ motivation of choosing this topic had been influenced by the everyday situation of people they knew who had experienced being separated to their husbands due to infidelity. Also, the media had contributed to their choice because nowadays, infidelity has been featured to many movies, television shows and social media sites.
In this study, the researchers have employed a descriptive design. The participants involved in this research were 40 wives, age ranging from 25 to 65 years old and coming from different cities and towns of Pampanga, who have experienced infidelity of their husbands. Their sample was gathered through snowball sampling. For their theoretical framework, the researchers used the Lazarus model of stress and model of behavioral self-regulation. To quantify it, they used the Coping Orientation to Problem Experienced (COPE) inventory of Carver, Scheier, and Weintraub (1989). With the help of a professor, they have translated the inventory for their Filipino participants. They have also developed a demographic profile checklist. There were five variables in the checklist which were age, socio economic status, educational attainment, religion and occupation.
The results showed that majority of the wives used turning to religion (emotion-focused), positive reinterpretation (emotion-focused), planning (problem-focused), and active coping (problem focused) as their coping strategies which garnered the highest scores respectively. Older wives usually...

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