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We all can think of many times in our lives where we just felt good to be in such a place, for me it was my grandmother’s house. My grandmother’s house has a very special place in my heart. I lived with my grandmother for many years when I was little. There has never been a place where I had a feeling of such joy and happiness. What a wonderful feeling of joy and peace waking up in my Grandmother’s home, that grew small as I grew big. The humble white house with black trimming that my great great grandfather built had a tall chimney and a broke down picket fence that my brother and I loved to run and jump over in the small town of Mound Bayou Mississippi. From the squeaky front porch swing you could see all the way down the street. Looking to the left you could see my grandmother’s country store, and to the right there was a field with grass as tall as the days were long that my friends and I loved to play hide-n-seek in. Knowing if I lay in bed long enough I would soon hear my grandmother's heavy feet rushing down the hall opening the back porch door to go hang clothes that she had just finished hand washing. The door made a squeal, almost a wine then a slam! I was sure the door was responsible for waking me up every morning in that house. Her feet would almost stomp as she rushed back to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for my brother and I before school. I would lay there and say to myself that 5 a.m. was too early for anybody to get up and do anything. Soon I would hear my grandmother and Miss Minnie laughing, teasing and enjoying the company of one another in the kitchen. Although loud voices, they sent a message of peace and love. My grandmother’s house was always filled with people. I can remember sitting in a chair watching her do hair. She would take a hot comb and straighten Miss Minnie and a few more of her friend’s hair. The smell of

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