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What I See as the Biggest Challenges That Young People Face Today?

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Have you ever wondered why so it seems like so many of our young adults are having such a difficult time adjusting or getting on their feet? Don’t you find it hard to ignore the many news articles and stories about the economy and how it’s so many people being affected by poverty, and the ever rising costs of education? Today, I would like to talk to you a little bit about how the changes in the economy, poverty levels, and costs of education are affecting young people from all walks of life. Young people are not just perplexed about what to wear, but many are more concerned with where they are going to live and how to make ends meet. Today’s economy has fluctuated so much in the past few years that poverty is at an all time high. Young adults that would otherwise live on their own are finding themselves to be stuck living with their parents or relatives either because they can’t make ends meet on their own or assistance is needed at home. Young people are forced to take on more responsibilities such as assisting in the care giving of family members. I read an article in Time magazine recently showing the U.S. Census Bureau’s findings; that young adults are not leaving home because they are not in a position to support themselves. I remember when I turned 18 years old in 2000, not only was I able to support myself pretty well, but I was also able to go to school at the same time; while there was a little struggle, I was able to maintain myself. Times have changed greatly since then. Mercury news and CNN Money both talk about the level of among young people. They are living at home more helping their families to stay afloat. Lack of sustainable employment is causing so many young people to depend more and more on family.
The biggest challenge of young people is the economy, due to its instability. It has caused many downward spirals for so many young adults. Employment has been harder to gain as well as maintain. Many young people are struggling to find the necessary opportunities needed to make it. The economy is in such turmoil that young people are finding themselves having to sacrifice a lot just to survive. Young adults are finding themselves making serious life altering changes, such as having to go back to school because of unemployment. They are putting off buying a home in order to pay for their education, or make rent on time. Not only that, but for some young adults, they are really living on much tighter budgets. They have to choose and plan everything they do. USA Today and the Pew Research Center conducted a survey with 2,048 young adults to find out how the economy was affecting them. Their findings were very interesting. They found that •82% say it's harder to find a job.•75% say it's harder to save for the future.•71% say it's harder to pay for college.•69% say it's harder to buy a home.
There are many disparities in the education system. In today’s education system, young adults are facing higher tuition in both public and private colleges; with each rising cost, financial aid has yet to rise to help accommodate with some of the expense. Student loan debt has increased, while employment has decreased, leaving students in turmoil. Although there are many colleges around whether online or in person, young adults (especially minorities) have lots of responsibilities, causing them to take much longer to obtain a degree. The good thing is that young people according to the Pew Research Center, young adults are still striving to obtain degrees. The main reason behind this is that young adults are living at home with their parents and many are not in a position to gain and/or find employment, making it easier to gain an education.
In conclusion, Young people are believed to face a lot more obstacles within the next few years. The only way that they are going to succeed and become successful, is to rise above these challenges and face them head on. Friedrich Nietzsche came up with one of the most factual quotes of all times: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

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