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What I Would Like to Learn from Pshcology

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What would I like to learn about in this course and why are you interested in it?
The first topic that I notice when I opened up my general psychology ninth edition in modules textbook by David Myers was States of Consciousness. I want to learn about this topic because I feel like everyone can master their mind and just become a better individual. I feel the first step of mastering the mind is to first learn how the mind works that’s why I signed up for this course so I can gain more knowledge of the inner workings of the consciousness and the sub- consciousness mind. Once you know how the sub- consciousness minds works and begin to learn how to train to work in your favor I believe the sky is the limit after that. I’ve listening to great motivational speakers on a daily basis such as Less brown, Anthony Robbins, Napoleon hill and Dale carnige. They all have one thing in common the say that the secret to true success and to be truly happy one must think! Nowadays people do the exact opposite from that because they are too busy or to distracted by mindless social media like instagram or twitter which does nothing for the individual instead of making them an internet and cell phone junkie that’s just my opinion. That’s just the tip of the iceberg I feel like it going to get way worse. I want to learn more about the sub- consciousness because they say that the sub- consciousness is a hundred times more stronger than the consciousness the .When people believe that their failures there not it’s just how there sub- consciousness mind is wired to think like for an example two kids grow up in in two different homes everything is exactly the same the financial status is the same the area they live is the same they have the same type clothes they eat the same type of food from one another but the difference is that who they are being raised by. This plays a major roll and...

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